A Few Interesting Facts About The Jim Corbett National Park

If you are interested in taking a look at how tigers spend their time in the wilds, then the best place that you could go to is the Jim Corbett National Park in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most popular national parks in this country and animals are well preserved here.

If you want to see a park that abounds in an abundance of various types of flora and fauna, then a trip to the Corbett National Park is a must. In case you need any assistance in planning your tour to Jim Corbett National Park, you may visit the link http://wildlife-tours.waytoindia.com/jim-corbett-national-park and send an enquiry. Waytoindia.com is a website of Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd.,a company recognised by Ministry of Tourism,Government of India, who regularly organise wildlife tours to Corbett National Park, including Wildlife Photography Tours.

Here are a few interesting facts and information about this extremely interesting place:

  1. This is the oldest national park in the country. It was in the year 1936 that the Park first opened its gates. The main purpose behind setting up such a place was to provide the Royal Bengal Tiger their natural habitat and save this species from becoming endangered. So, the first national park in the country was established in order to protect the country’s national animal!
  2. This park has a large a variety of flora and fauna that inhabits here. In addition to this, the avifauna of the Jim Corbett National Park is also something to boast of. There are close to 580 types of birds that are found in this park. If you are a bird watcher or love to take pictures of birds, this is the place for you to head out to.
  3. The Jim Corbett National Park is located at a slightly elevated level than the surrounding land. The elevations vary from point to point in the park. While in some places the elevation is around 1300 feet, at some places it is about 4000fts. So expect a few “ups and downs” when you travel through the park.
  4. This national park in Uttarakhand is spread over an extremely large area. The total area covered by this park is close to 521 sq km! You will find marshy areas, hills, streams, etc., all in this park. This is necessary in order to provide the animals a setting that can be identified as their natural one and so that they have a large area to roam about it.
  5. We already know that are close to 580 species of birds. Apart from this, there are around 50 mammal species, close to 110 types of trees and 25 species of reptiles!
  6. It can be safely concluded that the purpose with which the park had been started has been successfully achieved. This is because a recent survey brought to light the fact that of the 70% of the total Royal Bengal Tiger population has been given shelter here.
  7. Both grasslands and trees make up the entire area of the park. It has been estimated that while trees like Haldu, Sal, Peepal, Mango and Rohini trees are found covering an area of almost 73% of the total park, the grasslands comprise of only 10% of the total area.

The Jim Corbett National Park is surely a very interesting place for you to explore. You can actually revel in the beauty of the flora and fauna that have made their homes in the park.

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