Golf Vacations In Scotland Are The Best Bet To Discover Beautiful Places!

Spending the golf vacations in Scotland has its own charm as it attracts millions of people every year who are looking to have fun in their golfing holidays. Why choose Scotland over other places in Europe? Well, this place has world class courses to quench your thirst for the golf. Adding to it, it is known for its breathtaking locations that are always of huge craze among the tourists.

The good news is that it is easy to find the amazing golf vacation destinations in Scotland despite you are running on a low budget. This is the beauty of this place that it offers affordable golf locations at the most affordable prices. Prefer taking golf as a recreation, so there wouldn’t be any need to spend thousands on golfing holidays. Get started; pack your bag to discover the most beautiful golf places in Scotland here:

  1. Aberdeen – Known For Its Mind Blowing Golf Clubs!

Aberdeen is one of the most visited golfing destinations in Scotland. It is highly recognised, appreciated for its beauty and heart rendering unique golf clubs. The Auchmill golf club is one such of a kind that has a good reputation and has a provision of eighteen-hole varieties. Its wonderful lush green views set it apart from the other golf clubs around. While the people enjoy spending vacations here, at the same time, this course challenges the skills of the most skilled players. For this reason, there is always a huge rush and people really love coming here.

  1. Ayr – A Perfect Golfing Place For All!

Belleisle and Dalmilling are the two most visited golf clubs in Ayr and worth spending golf vacations in Scotland. In case, you don’t get access to Auchmill due to a huge rush, you are always welcome to try Belleisle in any season.  This club easily accommodates all amateurs and skilled golfers. Moreover, the fee charged for the golf courses here is pretty reasonable.

With luxurious amenities around and a natural green look, you can expect to have the most memorable golfing time at this place. Whether you are enjoying the sport or simply exploring the beautiful places in Ayr, you will surely leave with good memories from here!

  1. St. Andrews – A Beautiful Place Close To The Nature!

In St. Andrews, the toughest golf course is Edens. It was established a long way back in 1914 and since then, the club is growing in its beauty. Experienced golfers visit here in every season to test their golfing skills.

Balgove is quite near from here and is a heaven for the beginners. If you want to polish your golfing skills, this place provides you the right atmosphere to practice the sport with fellow young players. Novice golfers can also watch advance golfers here to hone their skills. Skilled golfers can visit to the jubilee golf anytime which is popular for tough grounds. This club has just redesigned and experienced professionals can take on more challenges here. Are you up for a golfing challenge in these places?


After finding so many beautiful and low budgeted places to spend golf vacations in Scotland, how can someone resist visiting there? Whether you are a novice golfer or an advanced one, Scotland has cost effective deals to satisfy your golfing holiday needs. All you need is to talk to a right travel agency to arrange for your holidays in Scotland. You will never regret visiting such a beautiful place and will come over and again in the future.

Many people look for spending golf vacations in Scotland but not everyone knows where to start. This article will guide you the right way to discover beautiful places in Scotland!

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