Pristine Getaways You Can Choose From While On Your Trip To Bangalore

It is essential for every major city to have weekend nearby. Having pristine getaways near a city always adds to the credential of the city. The major cities in India are fortunate to be surrounded by pristine getaways. This article talks about the weekend getaways from Bangalore.

One of the most popular choices for young working professionals to work in is the city of Bangalore. This young and energetic city has everything for everyone. It is also one of the favorite getaway visits for students studying all over the world. The city sees a good number of youngsters from the cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. While people from the first two cities can approach by bus or taxis, students from Pune need to catch one of the Pune to Bangalore flights Air Asia (one of the most cost effective airlines) to make their way to the city. Apart from all that the city has to offer, Bangalore also plays home to various nearby weekend getaways. Here are to name a few.


Bangalore is one of the cities where booze is known to be expensive. Kiss that worry goodbye by paying a visit to the Union Territory of Pondicherry where booze is as cheap as a bottle of canned or bottled soda. Such is the benefit of visiting a destination like Pondicherry. Visit this former French colony and get a taste of how it is to be in one of the most sought after holiday destinations in India.


One of the most popular hill stations in India, particularly in South India, this hill station is located in the state of Karnataka known for its beautiful landscapes and wildlife. There is a good number of wildlife sanctuaries in this hill station that showcase a great deal of diverse flora and fauna. The river Cauvery that flows through the hill station also makes for a great sight.


Lush green locks of rich plantations, dense vegetation and the never ending stretch of the pristine paddy fields make this place one of the most sought after and heavenly places to visit in India. Known to be one of the most exuberant hill stations in the South Indian region of India, the name of the hill station, Wayanad is said to be derived from two words — “Vayal” meaning paddy field and “Nadu” meaning land. The misty and translucent landscape of the mountains and the chilly fresh air of the hill station will make you fall in love with it thoroughly.


One of the most popular cities in the state of Karnataka, Mysore wins every traveller over with its certain mystical charm it gives out taking us back to history and making us relive the royal days of the city. The city of Mysore is a sure mention in the names of nearby places to visit in Bangalore. From displaying impeccable architectural wonders in its palaces, monuments and temples, to making the visitors have a good time all in all, the city is a true traveller’s destination.

Invest a day or two in of these destinations and you will be pleased that you did spend all your days partying away in the city of Bangalore and actually made the effort to head out and see what the outside world offers.

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