Reasons To Visit Johor Bahru

Every year, when people decide to go on holiday, they search for exotic locations that will expand their horizons. The best places to visit are those with long and storied cultures. You want to experience something that you’ve never experienced before. Whatever the reason, you’re probably looking for exotic cuisine, interesting people, and exciting culture. Well, Malaysia has all of that. Malaysia, consisting of a peninsula and islands, is a multi-ethnic mixture of many different cultures and cuisines. The three main ethnic groups in Malaysia are the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians. They form the largest ethnic groups and contribute the most to the unique Malaysian culture, which is essentially a combination of all three of those cultures. However, there are many other ethnicities that contribute as well. The indigenous people of the different parts of Malaysia are incredibly influential to the fabric of the country.

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a city in the state of Johor in Peninsular Malaysia. This is, as the name implies, the part of Malaysia that connects to the mainland. The city has a population of almost 500,000 people. The metropolitan area has close to two million residents. It is the southernmost city on Peninsular Malaysia.

The city has a recreational waterfront that stretches about twenty-five kilometres. The area features as many as fifteen different golf courses, two of which are thirty-six-hole courses. Most of these golf courses are located in resorts. Also, paintball is very popular in the city, so there are many paintball parks that also double as sites for off-road motorsports.

The city also features a newly built LEGOLAND that opened in 2012; it is the first LEGOLAND in all of Asia. The zoo, one of the oldest in the entire country, is also in Johor Bahru. There are over 100 species of animals at the zoo. Football and futsal are very popular, so, state-of-the-art facilities are available around the city to play football as well as to watch a match.


Once you decide to visit Johor Bahru, you’re going to need a hotel. A budget hotel near Johor Bahru should be within your price range as well as conveniently located. The hotel should be located within a reasonable driving distance of LEGOLAND, since that is such a popular attraction. Also, it should offer shuttles to and from different attractions. You should have easy access to features inside of Singapore as well as Johor Bahru. In fact, many of the best hotels offer a shuttle directly to Universal Studios in Singapore. Halal cuisine is a must for certain people; so, a good hotel should offer a restaurant that serves Halal cuisine. A convenience store is also important; you might not think of it, but having a convenience store nearby is absolutely essential if you need something in a hurry. These are the things that make a visit to Johor Bahru enjoyable.

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