Tip And Tricks To Enjoy A Great Vacation In Bangalore

Planning a vacation is always fun, especially when you are visiting a new place. The anticipation and excitement of finally visiting the place you’ve heard and read about for so long grows as the dates get nearer. However when visiting a new place, it is crucial you know something about the place instead of blinding venturing in so as to avoid getting lost, being duped or experiencing an unpleasant time. This article gives some tips on you first time in Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the most visited cities in the world. The climate and condition of the city also makes it one of the best places to live in India. If you are planning for a trip to Bangalore, there are a lot of things to look forward to in the city. From historical sites, lush greeneries, nearby amusement parks and happening nightlife, the city has it all! It also lies very close to Goa. You can check the Bangalore to Goa flights fare and book your tickets for this awesome beach destination if you are done with your stay in Bangalore and look forward to some more fun and partying. Coming back to your Bangalore trip planning, here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind before you step into the city.

Always take the cab

Local transport is an issue of major concern in Bangalore. You know the transport system is screwed when the prices of auto-rickshaws are higher than the local cabs/taxis. Buses are highly unreliable as they do not have specific timings and metro does not touch the main city. Traffic jams are on the rise due to the increasing number of private cars and individual cabs people use to commute daily. This problem even led to the citizens collectively sending a  signed petition to the Government to look into the traffic problems of the city with immediate effect. Until anything is done by the Government, the best you can do in Bangalore is to take the cab everywhere you go which will save you a whole lot more than you would have to pay for an auto-rickshaw.

Learn some basic Kanada

Like most places in South India, communication gap is very prevalent for any outsider coming into the city. If you stay in luxurious hotels, eat in fine dining restaurants or take cabs around the city, you will probably not face much problem as they would be speaking fluent or at least a little English and Hindi. Take a step down to budget hotels, roadside hotels, autorickshaws and you will have to walk around the city mastering the art of sign language, as forget the alphabets or words, the locals will not even understand basic numericals like 1,2 and 3!

Avoid fancy over the top places

Bangalore is home to some of the finest restaurants in India. However, with that resting on its shoulders, there are many pretentious places around the city who spoil the night and waste the money of many unsuspecting guests by going over the top with the decor and menu, and not living up to both the ambience and most importantly, the food. Always check the reviews of places to go to if you’re planning a big night.

Avoid drinking at expensive bars

Alcohol as it is, is quite expensive in Bangalore. From spirits, IMFL to beers, everything is much more expensive in Bangalore in comparison to cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. Unless you are planning to sit down for a nice glass of good scotch and call it a night, it’s best to avoid these places. So, if you fancy a session of aggressive drinking, it is best recommended you skip the expensive bars and go for a more mellow pub/bar somewhere in the city where drinks are fairly cheaper. You may end up having a better time in these places. Most of these feel good pubs in Bangalore play classic rock & roll music.

No smoking in public places

Bangalore takes smoking in public as a serious offence. Smoking in public has been declared an offense everywhere in India however no other city in the country follows the norm as strictly as Bangalore does. The moment you are caught smoking in public you are immediately liable to pay a fine of INR 200 on the spot, no questions asked!

To sum it up, there are no drastic steps to be taken mentally or physically to prepare yourself for a trip Bangalore. It is a feel-good city with a bunch of exciting things to do. If you just remember these few things to keep in mind before to get on with your trip, it will be a smooth sailing trip for you!

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