Top 10 Interesting Things To Do In Dubai

The mention of Dubai evokes thoughts of a lavish lifestyle. There is absolutely everything eye-catching ranging from world renowned restaurants, expansive desert and forthrightly bizarre attractions. Dubai is the Emirati’s powerhouse and receives millions of visitors each year who are keen enjoy the favorable business and holiday atmosphere. With the right kind of transport, it will always be easy to maximize on your experience as you move from one attraction to the other. If you do not have a personal car, car rental Dubai will always come in handy, as it proves to be cheap and convenient every time you hit the road.

So, why should you rent a car in Dubai? What are the top rated things you can do while visiting Dubai? Here are some of the things to help you plan: –

  1. The Burj Khalifa

This is not only the tallest skyscraper in the world but also a top attraction when visiting Dubai. The 828-meter megatall skyscraper houses some of the most spectacular galleries, hotels and other places of interest while the outside is surrounded by a 27-acre park, and 275 m fountain which is illuminated by 50 colored projectors and 6,600 lights. There is no reason why you should not drive your car rental Dubai to this spectacle and climb to the world’s highest observation deck for a great experience.

  1. The Pure Sky Lounge

Enjoy watching the magnificent city from above as you sip your favorite drink. Pure Sky Lounge which houses the Hilton Hotel on 35th floor. You can enjoy clear and spectacular views of Jumeirah beach, splendid artificial palm islands, and the Persian Gulf. Just visit and enjoy some champagne or the best cocktails including cucumber martini.

  1. Do some shopping

Sit behind the wheel of your car rental Dubai and visit the souks of Deira where you can enjoy a great and memorable shopping experience. You can sharpen your bargaining skills as you buy gold, spices and bespoke suits readily available in this traditional bazaar situated next to the creek.

  1. Take a desert safari

The desert begins right next to the busy skyscrapers and a visit here will definitely give you a memorable experience. Just rent 4×4 car and head to the expansive desert for a bashing through the amazing sand dunes. You can also enjoy some amazing camel rides, sample some yummy barbecue under the blue sky at night or do some surfing on the sand dunes. You can also book a safari with the local tour firms to help maximize your experience.

  1. Visit Burj Khalifa Lake

Drive your car rental Dubai to this 30-acre lake where you can observe the Dubai fountains from a cross range. These fountains are spectacular and the largest in the world shooting their waters more than 150 meters up. You can enjoy some performances provided daily most of which include a central shaft of light visible from above.

  1. Eat a Ravi

If you are looking for the best eatery in Dubai, then Ravi will be the best places to dine. This is a place where you pay for the food like a pauper but enjoy like a prince. The Pakistan restaurant serves some of the best curries that will leave you licking your fingers and lips. Enjoy lamb stew or Nihari beef for only £3.

  1. Jumeirah Mosque

Although you might not be allowed to see the inside if you are a non-Muslim, Jumeirah mosque is a great attraction to visit. There is normally a project commonly known as “open doors, open minds” which allows non-Muslims to visit inside as part of organized tours. The vast interior will be a great sight to see and during the tours, you can ask any question in regard to this Fatimid-style architecture, Islam and the local culture.

  1. High dining

Enjoy a great view of Dubai as you enjoy a dinner on top of a restaurant scene. You can enjoy a great international cuisine from a window table from as high as 408 meters in Burj Khalifa. You can also visit Al Fanar and enjoy revolving views as you enjoy an European cuisine. Board Bateaux Dubai and enjoy a dinner cruise for an experience with a difference. You will be able to enjoy a great view of the romantic shoreline of old Dubai as well as the creek.

  1. Cool yourself in the beach

If you are a beach lover, then you will be mesmerized but the clean beaches stretching across the coastline of Dubai. Watch kite surfers sailing overhead or jog along Jumeirah Open Beach. There is no fee charged for accessing these places. You should carry your own picnic items since there are no facilities.

  1. Bounce around

You can find enough spots to enjoy yourself as you crisscross Dubai. As you drive your car rental Dubai, just look around and you will be surprised at the many surprises awaiting fun lovers including floating inflatable water park situated off the beach. There are also Arabian Water Parks featuring slides, trampolines, climbing walls among others. There is everything you need in this paradise and you will never have a dull moment while holidaying here.

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